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It is one of the largest freight forwarding enterprises in Asia. The scope of business covers maritime, air, land, warehousing and customs clearance areas, providing multimodal transport, regional distribution, inventory control, information technology and supply chain design and logistics solutions.


Business originated in China, with Southeast Asia as the axis, radiating the world, the current network covers the mainland of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia as well as 22 major ports in various countries and regions.




Growth of Long term strategy, the company's annual net growth is 15%


Beneficiary oneself and the world

Customer value (industry value), Asiamarinens (security, growth and sense of happiness), the planet we live on (social responsibility)


We are committed to the design and implementation of the global logistics and freight forwarder in Asiamarine, and the logistics supply chain plan in Asiamarine. Through mergers and acquisitions with business partners, and the branch network, professional experience and digital innovation to connect and simplify the supply chain, create a multi, flexible and efficient logistics experience for customers, and let the logistics give the enterprise greater commercial value.

Sense of worth

Awe, creation, sharing


Exceed customer expectations and provide space for career development for employees.



Enterprise mission: benefit people, benefit oneself and benefit the world


Customer value (industry value), Asians (security, growth and happiness), the planet we live on (social responsibility)


Enterprise vision: reducing the cost of social logistics


We are committed to customer-centric global logistics freight forwarders and solutions, focusing on "door-to-door" building, with a view to the future of intelligent warehousing logistics systems and supply chain services.


Through mergers and acquisitions and business partners, through branch network, professional and efficient logistics system and digital innovation to connect and simplify the supply chain, we propose that the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain work together to create a symbiotic flow of sustainable development of the global business community.



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